PR055: Making Tough Decisions

At some point during your podcast journey you’re going to have to make a really hard decision. Stop podcasting, decline a good opportunity, delete an episode, “fire” a co-host, start over, etc. Join me (Ray Ortega),+David Jackson, +Daniel J. Lewis +Darrell Darnell and +Danny Peña to talk about how a podcaster’s gear setup may or may not

PR054: Evolution of a Podcaster’s Gear

How do you know when it’s time to get your next piece of podcast gear? Can you stay with the gear you started with or is it best to evolve your setup? Join me (Ray Ortega),+David Jackson, +Daniel J. Lewis +Alan Mead and +Bryce Cooke to talk about how a podcaster’s gear setup may or may not change

PR053: Podcast Formats

When you start a podcast, one of the first decisions you make is what kind of show are you going to produce? Solo host, co-hosted, roundtable, interviews, a mix of many? Join +Ray Ortega,+Daniel J. Lewis +David Jackson +Colin Gray +Paul Peterson and +Doug Payton to discuss the various types of formats you can chose for your podcast. You can

PR052: Co-hosts

Do you podcast alone or with others? Having a co-host can be extremely helpful when it comes to creating compelling, dynamic content that is interesting to listen to. Co-hosts can also help relieve some of the workload that comes with producing a podcast. But of course having co-hosts can create its own issues as well.