PR050: Rebranding Your Podcast

Have you ever changed the name of your podcast? Maybe you’ve changed the name, content, twitter handle and any other established elements that make up a single show? Or perhaps the shift has been more subtle like a change in your artwork, colors, website, etc. The question is when do you know it’s time for

PR049: What’s Your Issue with Podcasting?

Live from NMX/NAB 2015 show floor! We talk with the live audience, having them step up to the microphone one by one and tell us what is their biggest, current issue with producing a podcast?

PR048: Podcast Crossover

When you start a podcast you become much more than a podcaster. You’ve crossed the line from media consumer to media producer. So have you taken your new talents outside the “studio?” Perhaps you’ve been on TV, written an article for a newspaper or magazine, or given presentations at a conference all as a result

PR047: Podcasting Apps

Podcasting has a lot of apps these days. Apps to subscribe to podcasts, apps for your own podcast, apps to help you create podcasts and more. Join myself (Ray Ortega) +Daniel J. Lewis +Rob Greenlee +Joseph Rampolla and +Jeff Nielsen to discuss many of the apps available to podcasters and podcast consumers. You can subscribe to the RSS