PR045: When the Numbers Level Off

What do you do when you notice your download numbers have stopped growing? Do you even notice? Do you care? Do you look for new ways to “get the word out?” Join myself (Ray Ortega)+David Jackson +Daniel J. Lewis +Jeffrey Powers +Max Flight +Christopher Gronlund and +Craig Wealand to discuss what to do, if anything, when your podcast stops growing. You

PR044: What’s new in podcast gear, software and apps.

What new podcast gear, software or apps have you tried? As podcasters we are continually testing new items to help us improve the quality of our show or just make production easier. Those new things (gear, software, apps, etc.) might be as simple as a new service for recording Skype or as complex as a

PR043: Podcast Jargon

  Podfading, normalization, Byte Range Requests… if you’ve been podcasting long enough it’s likely you are familiar with one or more of these terms. Podcasting has it’s own language and depending on your experience level you are more or less schooled in all its jargon. Jargon is defined as, “special words or expressions that are

PR042: Interviews

Do you conduct interviews on your podcast? Do you want to? Do you want to get interviewed? Interviews and getting interviewed are two great additions to most podcasts. They are a fantastic way to grow your show, easily getting you in front of someone else’s audience and they can be amazing content for your listeners