PR028 – Breaking the Mold

  Is podcasting really any different than old media? Are we, as podcasters, simply falling into the mold created by media producers before us? Podcasting may be one of the few remaining truly free mediums. There are no rules, no gatekeepers, no censors, nothing telling you what you can and can’t do with your show.

PR027 – Podcasting Pet Peeves II

It’s time for another Round of Podcasting Peeves. What are those things that drive you crazy about podcasters, podcasts, the podcasting industry, etc? This Round features: +Ray Ortega, +David Jackson +Daniel J. Lewis  +Kenn Blanchard +Jordan Harbinger +Ryan Parker and +Paul Blais. Circle me on Google Plus to be notified of future live recordings, to meet other podcasters and share

PR026 – Live-streaming Your Podcast

Should you add live-streaming to your podcast production? Recording live won’t give you a big boost in numbers, isn’t likely to help you get discovered, and probably won’t attract a lot of participation all while adding more to your workflow. So why go live? Watch +Ray Ortega, +David Jackson +Daniel J. Lewis +Rob Cesternino +Andrew Zarian and +Mike

PR025 – Promotion Police featuring Grammar Girl

What do you do if someone promotes your podcast but you don’t necessarily agree with their content? Do you care? Is there such a thing as “bad press?” At any time, someone can share your content with their own audience be it a simple word-of-mouth mention or sharing your logo, content, or promo. But what