PR043: Podcast Jargon

  Podfading, normalization, Byte Range Requests… if you’ve been podcasting long enough it’s likely you are familiar with one or more of these terms. Podcasting has it’s own language and depending on your experience level you are more or less schooled in all its jargon. Jargon is defined as, “special words or expressions that are

PR042: Interviews

Do you conduct interviews on your podcast? Do you want to? Do you want to get interviewed? Interviews and getting interviewed are two great additions to most podcasts. They are a fantastic way to grow your show, easily getting you in front of someone else’s audience and they can be amazing content for your listeners

PR041: Podcasting Predictions for 2015

What do you think will happen to podcasting in 2015? Podcasting is riding another wave of attention. With the spotlight shining bright once again, many people have ideas about the evolution of our medium. But what do the podcasters think? How will podcasting change in 2015? How will it remain the same? What do you

PR040: Beyond iTunes

Move over iTunes, we want to talk about every other place you can put your podcast! Stitcher, Soundcloud, Miro, your own site, there are plenty of places to distribute your podcast outside of iTunes. What are your favorites? Where do you see the largest portion of your audience consuming your show? Find out what the