PR033 – Open Mic

It’s an “open mic” Round where everyone in the chat room had a chance to join the Round with whatever topic they thought was important or interesting. We pulled in the best topics over the one-hour broadcast. Join me (+Ray Ortega), +Daniel J. Lewis, and +Dave Jackson and others as we tackle topics such as podcast marketing, podcast

PR032 – Podcasting Best Practices

  One of the cool parts about podcasting is that the show is truly yours. You decide what to say, how it looks/sounds, where to publish and hundreds of other decisions that make up your podcast. But with no must-do rules to follow there is a large continuum of quality content in podcasting. So what

PR031 – Mobile Podcasting

  What does a podcaster do when they want to record a podcast outside of their “studio?” Find a more compact setup of course! Or maybe your studio is always mobile? Join myself (+Ray Ortega), +Dave Jackson, +Rob Walch +David Anderson, +Jason Bryant and Jeffrey Powers as we discuss all the ways to record a podcast

PR030 – Growing Your Audience

  +Ray Ortega, +Daniel J. Lewis, and +Dave Jackson, recreate their presentation given at New Media Expo 2014 titled, “How to Grow Your Audience from 100′s to 1000′s.” For those of you looking for new ways to increase the number of people who listen and/or watch your podcast this Round will provide well over 50 different strategies for increasing