PR057: Why Haven’t You Started a Podcast?

You’ve thought about starting a podcast. You even bought a microphone and a domain name but there’s still one or two obstacles in your way. Join +WordsPressed (Charlie Moss) and +Kelly Huston to find out what has stopped them from launching a show. +Ray Ortega +Daniel J. Lewis and +David Jackson will work through the issues these future podcasters are having

PR056: What’s Trending in Podcasting

A round up of some of the latest news and fads making their way around the podcasting space. Join Ray, +Daniel J. Lewis +David Jackson +Lex Starwalker and +Jeff Holbrook to chat podcast advertising, donation models, mobile live-streaming, podcast networks and more. You can subscribe to the podcast only RSS mailing list to get new Rounds delivered to your inbox

PR055: Making Tough Decisions

At some point during your podcast journey you’re going to have to make a really hard decision. Stop podcasting, decline a good opportunity, delete an episode, “fire” a co-host, start over, etc. Join me (Ray Ortega),+David Jackson, +Daniel J. Lewis +Darrell Darnell and +Danny Peña to talk about how a podcaster’s gear setup may or may not

PR054: Evolution of a Podcaster’s Gear

How do you know when it’s time to get your next piece of podcast gear? Can you stay with the gear you started with or is it best to evolve your setup? Join me (Ray Ortega),+David Jackson, +Daniel J. Lewis +Alan Mead and +Bryce Cooke to talk about how a podcaster’s gear setup may or may not change