PR040: Beyond iTunes

  Move over iTunes, we want to talk about every other place you can put your podcast! Stitcher, Soundcloud, Miro, your own site, there are plenty of places to distribute your podcast outside of iTunes. What are your favorites? Where do you see the largest portion of your audience consuming your show? Find out what

PR039: Your Podcast’s Platform

  Does your podcast have a home? Where do you post your episodes, shownotes, details about the host(s), links, etc? Many podcasters use their own hosted version of WordPress as a home base for their podcast but is this always the best decision? Listen as +Ray Ortega, +Daniel J. Lewis, +David Jackson +Nicholas Young and +Christopher Jones discuss options for

PR038: Podcasting and the Law

  Podcasting has been referred to as the wild, wild West of media because essentially podcasters can do, say, show anything they want on their podcasts. This is true, you can do whatever you want. But what happens when someone else doesn’t like what you’re doing? Can you get in trouble…with the law? Listen as

PR037: When Everything Goes Wrong

What to do when all your best laid podcasting plans go out the window. What do you do when your interviewee cancels and you’re about to go live? Or maybe the Internet goes down, your hard drive crashes or any number of problems that can arise when producing a podcast. How do you react, how