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115: Are There Too Many Podcasts?

 Depending on where you read the stats, the number of podcasts ranges from ~250K all the way to 2 million! Um, that last one is not correct;) Are we oversaturated with podcasts? Do you feel like there are too many options? Is there room for another podcast about podcasting (insert any niche you prefer)….

Is Radio the Next Wave of Podcasters?

 With Podcast Movement just completed, what drove a much larger presence by radio producers and as podcasters, why should we care if radio takes up podcasting? Join Ray, Dave, Daniel, Rob Greenlee, and Tyler Stalman  to talk about recent podcasting news. Links: Ray OrtegaWhy Was Radio Out In Force At Podcast Movement? NPR Is So…

Are Podcasts More Popular Than Blogs?

 Have podcasts become more popular than blogs? What happens when you ‘boost’ a podcast post on facebook to promote your show and what’s still wrong with the Google Podcasts App? This and more! Join Ray, Dave, Daniel, Paul Colligan and Jonathan Bloom to talk about recent podcasting news. Links: Ray OrtegaTitle: The Daily starts being marketed,…

Google Podcasts – Everything You Need to Know

 Google is giving podcasting another shot and this time I think they got it right! Can your podcast be found in Google Podcasts? Do you know how to make it available? Find out everything you need to know about this new “app” on this special Round! Join Ray, Dave, Daniel, and James Cridland  to talk about an…

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