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Are You Feeling BurnedđŸ”¥Out?

Have you podfaded, feeling like you’re close or maybe wish you could take a break? Starting a podcast is not the hardest part, keeping going is. How do we deal with the constant grind of content production? Join Ray, Dave, and Bandrew (aka Podcastage) who is currently dealing with how to balance life, work, and…

Is Your Podcast Launch Freaking You Out? Chill.

Join Ray, Dave, Ginger Wiseman, and Emily Prokop to discuss podcast ‘launches’ (do they matter?), podcast artwork, how important is it, and more ways that tech is trying to ‘solve’ discovery. You can subscribe to the episode mailing list to get new Rounds delivered to your inbox automatically. Articles discussed: Does Your Podcast Launch Even Matter?…

You Make Podcasts, So What. What Else You Got??

You have a podcast, that’s probably why you’re watching the Roundtable and you’ve probably recorded a bunch of episodes but do you create any other content to support your podcast?  Join Ray, Dave, Jamie Eads, and Jessica Kupferman to discuss other ways to grow your podcast through content creation (e.g. should you be blogging too?)….

PR020 – Can You Ask Too Much of Your Audience?

Podcast award season is here and that means asking your audience for votes, in some cases, constantly asking them. How do you deal with this as a podcaster…as a listener? Are we asking too much or is it a great way to show your support of a show? Beyond awards, we’re repeatedly faced with asking…

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