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PR028 – Breaking the Mold

Is podcasting really any different than old media? Are we, as podcasters, simply falling into the mold created by media producers before us? Podcasting may be one of the few remaining truly free mediums. There are no rules, no gatekeepers, no censors, nothing telling you what you can and can’t do with your show. So…

PR023 – Are Conferences Worth It?

Recorded live on the show floor at New Media Expo 2014 (NMX), Ray, Daniel and Dave ask, Are Conferences Worth It? This is an audio only Round. See the player below. Attending a conference is rarely a cheap endeavor. You spend money on travel, lodging, food and of course tickets. Even if the conference is…

How to Grow Your Podcast Audience from 100’s to 1,000s

How to Grow Your Audience from Hundreds to Thousands: based on our original panel of the same name given at New Media Expo ’14 with Daniel J. Lewis, David Jackson and Ray Ortega. Daniel – @TheRamenNoodle Dave    – @LearnToPodcast Ray      – @PodcastHelper Description: Most podcasts struggle to grow past a hundred downloads, and the…

PR018 – When Not to Start a Podcast

When is choosing to start a podcast the wrong decision? Have you heard that you need a podcast or that podcasting is the hottest thing going and you want to start your own? Have you asked yourself if a podcast is really the best way to spend your limited free time? Listen to +Daniel J….

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