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107: Finding New Podcast Subscribers

 How do you find your audience when you’ve just started your podcast? You created a show and now you want people to listen and subscribe. But where are the subscribers? How do you get in front of new listeners who would be interested in your content but don’t know you exist? Join Ray, Dave, Anne…

105: What Else Does Podcasting Need?

 What else does podcasting need in order to grow in 2018? This is not a prediction show. We want to know, as a podcaster, what would you like to see happen in podcasting? What needs to have? What resource, tool, service, event, would you like to see. What do you think will help podcasting…

PR104: Audio Quality 🎧 Good vs Good Enough

 Determining acceptable audio quality for your podcast – the difference between perfection and good enough. Join Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson,  Jane and Tyler Stalman to discuss when good audio is good enough. You can subscribe to the episode mailing list to get new Rounds delivered to your inbox automatically. Sign up, if you’d like to appear on a future Round….

102: Building on the Success of Your Podcast

How would you launch a new podcast as your primary focus today? How would you take the platform you’ve already built to give more energy to your new priority? Join Ray Ortega, Daniel J. Lewis, Dave Jackson, Stuart Yoshida and Brandan Schulze to discuss ways you can leverage something old to launch something new. You can subscribe to the episode mailing…

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